Cold Mint Gift Box

For a fresh mouth to kiss, give a kit of products with what you need for natural and eco-sustainable oral hygiene, such as the one that contains the Cold Mint Gift Box: toothpaste in aluminum tube, mouthwash in glass bottle and one toothbrush that uses natural and renewable materials.

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Gift box with Christmas card composed by:Can a box with oral care cosmetics be a nice gift idea? Think about it: Would you like to kiss a healthy mouth with a breath that tastes fresh? Then the Cold Mint Gift Box Officina Naturae is the gift idea that makes your wish come true! It will certainly be appreciated, because the (mini) box, decorated in cardboard, contains three products made with natural raw materials and fully recyclable packaging:

  • Mint Natural Toothpaste in Gel
  • Natural Mint Mouthwash
  • Silver Eco-Sustainable Toothbrush for adults

Everyone likes the classic and timeless aroma of Mint, natural balsamic and fresh. Definitely appreciated among gifts for men, hard to guess! It is also a gift for those who love ecological cosmetics and want to entrust the beauty of their smile to conscious products, which do not contain fluoride, dyes, chlorhexidine, triclosan, SLS / SLES and want to reduce the consumption of plastic in their oral care routine.

Some more information:

A Toothpaste is natural if it contains organic extracts with balsamic properties, such as Thyme, Sage and Rosemary but also ingredients that naturally prevent plaque deposit and the formation of caries, such as Zinc Citrate and Iceland Lichen. It does not irritate the mucous membranes and does not attack the teeth because it has low abrasiveness.
Ours has a new packaging: now it is in aluminum tube and bioplastic cap!
Immediately after brushing your teeth, the constant use of Natural Mint Mouthwash strengthens the action of preventing the formation of plaque and tartar, thanks to organic alcohol, which in the new format with glass bottle is very concentrated!
The two products are pleasant to use, because the strength of organic mint essential oil is balanced by 100% natural sweeteners, which do not cause tooth decay problems.
Also in the toothbrush there are two totally natural and renewable components: the handle in cellulose acetate and the external bristles in castor oil. The central bristles perform an antibacterial action because they are impregnated with silver. The toothbrush is delicate and suitable for all gums, because it is soft.

How to use the product

If using the Toothpaste and the Toothbrush is a usual and daily operation, it could become natural to use the Mouthwash every day and several times, after brushing your teeth: just dilute 30 drops in 30 ml of water for an effective rinse of a couple of minutes at the most.
The packaging of these two products is 100% recyclable: recycle the cartons with the paper, the tube with the aluminum, the cap of the toothpaste in the plastic, as well as the gasket and the dropper reducer of the mouthwash cap, after having separated them from the recyclable bottle in the glass and from the cap, which always goes into the aluminum.
The toothbrush helps you to reduce the consumption of petroleum plastic but must still be disposed of in the unsorted collection.
If you want to give an even more revolutionary box, choose the Oral Mint Zero Waste Gift Box, for a completely plastic free upgrade!

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