Zero Waste Natural Toothpaste

What does zero waste toothpaste mean? It means that we have changed the dress to our fantastic natural toothpaste: your favorite natural toothpastes come in a recyclable aluminum packaging and bioplastic closure cap.
If you run out of your favorite eco-friendly toothpaste and it bothers you to dispose of the plastic tube, switch to Officina Naturae Natural Zero Waste Toothpaste! Plastic packaging has a greater environmental impact than aluminum containers, which instead are 100% recyclable and infinitely!
Choose our organic toothpaste in aluminum tube among the flavors of Anise, Lemon and Mint.
Officina Naturae toothpastes are zero waste but they are also certified eco-friendly toothpastes, with refreshing and soothing plant extracts. They help protect against cavities and tartar thanks to Iceland Lichen and Zinc Citrate. And, for specific needs, you can also find toothpaste with whitening action and one for sensitive teeth.

Zero Waste Natural Toothpaste

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