Innovattivi Skin Care

Your skin every day, in silence, talks about you. This is why you need to give her special attention and a skincare routine that suits you.

In the Innovattivi Skin Care line you can find proposals for every skin type and for every moment of your day. You can take advantage of the best cosmetics with laboratory-tested active ingredients that nourish and hydrate deeply.

The innovative prebiotics normalize the most difficult skin, the Italian phytocomplexes and the organic plant extracts allow you to choose and try highly effective formulas with a high level of performance.

So that your beauty routine does not miss a moment of deep cleansing, there are micellar water or cleansing milk with good inci and delicate and soothing formulas, to be combined with the right moisturizing face cream for your skin.

Complete your daily skincare with a pampering for your body: a perfumed body cream, or a refreshing leg cream are the best treatment after a relaxing shower or bath.

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