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What features should a good household or laundry detergent have? Logically we always talk about natural and conscious products, such as All-Purpose Cleaner and Liquid Laundry, two must-have products, that guarantee a perfectly clean home or clothe but free from unwanted substances. And all this achieved with little effort and even saving! Do not you believe it? This is what you can verify by using the Solara Degreaser or Solara Ecological Multi-Surface, two of our house cleaners. They are so concentrated and effective, which have been used for years, not only by many people like you who care about health and the environment, but also from kindergartens and schools, where cleanliness and hygiene, associated with cost savings, are the main criterias for the choice of our organic detergents.

What are you waiting for to try our range of ecological detergents?


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