Biricco line was born for the care of your baby, and it is characterized by special organic vegetable extracts, among which Italian Quince. As a mom, you can rest easy: all formulae were subject to state-of-the-art dermatological tests, and they do not irritate your baby's eyes and skin! The products are: 

Eco Bio certified by Cosmos and ICEA.

hypoallergenic, dermatologically and nickel tested, while detergents are scentless to minimize the risk of allergies. 

not tested on animals

free of petrochemical molecules, parabens, SLES, PEG, and silicone, for an aware and sustainable choice. 

This line includes body wash and rice starch for the bath, shower-shampoo for kids older than 6 months, natural body cream and diaper-change cream, Marigold and Apple bar soap, natural fluorine-free toothpaste. Some of them are included in wonderful gift boxes!

In addition to the line, you can find accessories for kids (soft-bristle toothbrush and reusable ecologic bottles) and laundry for delicate clothes. 

Choose Biricco for a gentle cleanse of your babies!


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