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A good organic sunscreen is what you need to spend a day in the sun without problems! If you want our opinion, the best sunscreen must be formulated with only mineral filters, like our Sunscreen SPF 50, perfect for not getting burned the first few days of exposure, it must contain emollient vegetable oils and extracts, such as Organic Quince, which protect you from aging required by sunlight and, last but not least, it must not contain perfumes. If then, after choosing, you find yourself with reddened skin and feel that it "pulls", because it is drained by the sun, what you need is a refreshing after-sun cream like our After-Sun Fluid Cream, rich in oils and anti-redness extracts like the extracted from the blades of the Sicilian Prickly Pear. Don't forget that your hair also suffers after a day at the beach: an after-sun shampoo, specific for salt water and a restructuring after-sun balm will help you have a soft and fluffy hair!

Don't leave for the holiday without protection!

Sunscreens Line

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