For animals

They don't talk your language but you understand them very well, they are faithful and inseparable companions and occupy a special place in your life. For your animal friends, choose natural and conscious products for hygiene and home, ecological, effective and safe. Hugging them will be even more beautiful! A shampoo for dogs and for all pets such as cats and ferrets, such as the Dodo Pet's Care Treating Shampoo, enriched with the Italian vegetable extract with the repellent action of Nepeta Cataria, that helps to keep them free from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects.
Even the environment in which we live must be free from substances that may be unpleasant or irritating to them, with the use of environmentally-friendly household detergents, such as Dodo Pet's Care All-Purpose Cleaner with Active Oxygen!

Take care of him, that is so important to you, in a bio-sustainable way!

For animals

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