Dodo Pet’s Care

What is the name you gave to your adventure partner? Ours' name is Dodo Pet's Care! It is also the name of our pets' care line of natural detergents, designed to take care of your animal friends. 

How many times have you seen them scratching themselves because of their delicate or irritated skin? Dodo offers you a shampoo for dogs suffering from dermatitis, made with gentle vegetable surfactants, making this line's products safe and careful of their health.

After bathing, there is nothing better than the natural and ecologic Conditioner, which makes his hair soft and easy to brush. 

During good weather, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos may be an ailment for them and a big concern for you. In these cases, the Treating Shampoo is the right product. Rich in Italian vegetable extracts, among which the Nepeta Cataria, this product has an efficient repellent action. 

We always joined the "not tested on animals" standard: without animal raw materials, Dodo lines its the primary witness to our creed!

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