Have you ever felt a feeling of itchiness, redness, or ailment after using a normal cosmetic? Probably its strong scent made you even sneeze.

Are you allergic to any of the ingredients that may be present in cosmetics? Or do you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), a syndrome that makes a person sensitive to chemical substances?

Finally, you have found a full range of natural body detergents, which are highly skin-compatible and scentless!

You won't have to settle for few products, maybe that you don't even like that much: now, you can choose among the ultra-gentle body wash, delicate on your skin thanks to innovative vegetable surfactants; the natural shampoo and the hair conditioner, which form a pleasant foam, don't irritate the scalp and leave your hair shiny, soft and easy to comb

How and why is this line different from everything that you have already tried?

    • It doesn't contain surfactants like SLS or similar (e.g. Sodium Coco Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.), which are the most used and cheapest molecules, and they have a well-known irritating effect;

    • it doesn't contain fragrances - neither those declared as devoid of allergens;

    • it doesn't contain dyes or thickeners;

    • it doesn't contain additives like parabens, formaldehyde releasers, or isothiazolinones (Katon);

    • it doesn't contain any vegetable extract that may cause allergic reactions to particularly sensitive people.

Ultra Gentle line is certified by ICEA as Natural Cosmetics, it is nickel tested and approved by the EcoBioControl's procedural guideline.

Try the Ultra Gentle line, designed just for you and those who choose health every day!

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