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Personal hygiene

Your health depends even on correct personal hygiene. Using natural detergents and ingredients obtained from plants, like oils and butter, you can always keep your body clean and perfumed.

The products for your hygiene should not alter the regular functions of your body. For example, aluminum salts based deodorants will block your perspiration, so there will be bad smells no more, but the axillary glands will get irritated over time because sweating is natural and essential! As an alternative, you can use a gentle deodorant, perhaps enriched with organic vegetable extracts, which gives freshness and efficiently deodorize without altering the natural perspiration.

The same happens with surfactants, which are the detergents' washing agents. They are particularly aggressive and have a high degreasing power on oily hair, but this provokes a rebound effect on the organism: the scalp detects the lack of sebum on the skin, so it reacts by producing more of it. This triggers a vicious circle, which could be interrupted by using a delicate shampoo, perhaps enriched with Rosemary extracts with a sebum-regulating effect.

Your personal hygiene is important, choose the right products!

Personal hygiene

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