Light up your hair and make the Planet smile is the new mantra of the onYOU line! Because if your future is what you care most about, taking care of your hair can be a small gesture of conscious love also addressed to nature!

What hair do you have? Curly, straight, dry, greasy, with dandruff, or simply normal or fine, Officina Naturae has designed a complete line of natural and organic hair products, specific for all needs, even yours! These are the characteristics of the line:

• is certified Bio Eco Cosmetics AIAB

• contains different biological extracts for each type of hair and to obtain maximum performance;

• the shampoos are sulfates free, great for you who are looking for less aggressive products than those you have tried so far;

• they are all nickel tested and vegan;

• shampoo and conditioner are in eco-bottle, in special post-consumer recycled plastic, which guarantees the integrity of the product and is safe for health;

• the masks are contained in 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum jars, made in Italy;

• all products are wonderfully scented;

• 14 products to combine according to your routine!

In this line you will find your ideal organic shampoo that prevents split ends and the "straw effect", the one that drives away the grease from the hair or removes that itchy sensation from the head. Then you will find from the smoothing conditioner that disciplines the locks to the conditioner that softens the curls. And then the natural hair masks, which help you moisturize your scalp and hair but also those suitable for better defining curly and wavy hair.

There is something for everyone: combine the products according to what your hair requires and create your perfect hair care routine that respects the Planet. It's onYOU!

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