Go Smooth Gift Box

The Vai col Liscio Gift Box is music for those with long, straight hair who want a treatment that helps to discipline them but, at the same time, nourish and protect them! Give or give yourself this complete hair care routine for a very smooth hair with a healthy and luminous appearance!

  • AIAB Bio Eco Cosmesi
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


What is the most coveted gift for those who want super straight hair? Obviously a set of products that keep even the most rebellious hair at bay, even better if natural and sustainable products ... a dream? No, there is the Go Smoothly Gift Box from the onYOU Officina Naturae line! A "magic box", from which emanates not that music that we Romagna so much like, but the strength of three products to obtain a perfect smooth finish, plus a very useful accessory:

If you love straight hair or want to make a perfect gift for those who care for them with love, this box is perfect, because it also supports love for the Planet! Shampoo and conditioner are, in fact, in a bottle made of special post-consumer recycled plastic, safe for health and the environment! The comb will then prove to be an ecological and useful tool for gently combing and taming the hair!

Some more information:

The special ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner for straight hair are organic Altea and Almond: while the Altea extract gives a perfectly healthy skin, the proteins of the Sweet Almond revitalize it and protect it from irritation, nourish and repair the hair, giving it a more elastic structure, greater brightness and volume to the entire hair. Altea also characterizes the mask, while in the shampoo the Wheat proteins nourish the hair fiber and restore the balance of the scalp.
Finally, the wide-toothed comb, in Ash wood, handcrafted in Italy, allows you to easily dissolve the knots without breaking the hair, even when they are dry, moreover it does not electrify them, unlike plastic combs!

How to use the product

The Go Smooth Gift Box contains, in practice, everything you need for an effective hair care routine: a little shampoo is enough to wash the hair with a soft foam, which pampers them without drying them and without irritating them (it does not contain sulphates, therefore it is less aggressive than other shampoos); then, after washing, a nut of balsam, well distributed on the ends and on the lengths, will do the rest, without weighing it down as the balms with silicones do. The mask, then, is an alternative to shampoo which, however, becomes a must if the hair needs a treatment that gives it more nourishment and protection. Once tried, the full size of the Straight Hair Mask is available on our shop, for the complete hair care routine!

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