Wood comb

How to choose a comb for your sustainable hair care? Choose a wide-toothed wooden comb that detangles your hair, of any type, even curly or wavy ones, without breaking them. Unlike plastic ones, it eliminates the electrostatic charge from the hair! Choose it in 100% FSC certified ash wood, handcrafted, worked and finished in Italy and treated with Linseed oil and Carnauba wax, like the Officina Naturae Wooden Comb!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Do we wash our heads? Get another one from us, if you say that to comb your hair you use any plastic comb, bought on a stall and manufactured who knows where! After washing, pamper your head (and your hair) with the Wooden Comb from the onYou Officina Naturae line!
The wooden comb is an indispensable hair accessory, which we recommend for combing your hair every day, because it is antistatic, so it eliminates the electrostatic charge, which normally forms when using plastic combs.
Discover all the benefits of the wide-toothed wooden comb! Ours is suitable for all hair types, but is the perfect wooden comb for curly hair, as it gently detangles curls, preventing them from breaking. It is also ideal for the most delicate hair, because it unravels the knots without damaging the structure of the hair shaft. In addition, the rounded tips of the teeth massage the scalp, without irritating it.
Now you know where to buy the wooden comb, no need to look for it elsewhere, on your favorite online stores, you can find it here!
Like all the products in the onYou line, it is designed to be good for the planet as well, as well as for your hair, the material is sustainable and we explain it well in the technical details. Read all the facts about the wooden hair comb!

Some more information:

Comb in wood or plastic? We have already partially explained why. But why you should use ours we will explain it to you now.
The best wooden comb is made with a sustainable material, so wood yes, but certified by controlled forests and free of treatments that can be toxic or irritating. Ours, in fact, is made of 100% FSC® certified and solvent-free ash wood. Even the dye used, which makes it cheerful and perfect for your beauty case, is water-based, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Finally, the wooden hair comb is finished and sanded by hand, so that it remains smooth to the touch and is treated in a completely natural way with Linseed oil and Carnauba vegetable wax. All these accurate craftsmanship are made entirely in Italy. This wide-toothed wooden comb measures 14 x 4.5 cm, a perfect and practical size to fit in your travel luggage or handbag.

How to use the product

The wooden comb is usually used to apply the mask suitable for your hair type. If you have curly hair, for example, it is perfect for distributing the detangling Curly Hair Mask strand by strand.
You can also use it to comb your hair after washing and towel-drying it. Due to the wide teeth and rounded finish, it is extremely delicate and the hair does not break.
With dry hair it is excellent to always use to prevent them from becoming electrified and the hair from being unruly.
Are you wondering how to clean the wooden comb? You can wash the wooden comb, dipping a toothbrush in warm water and a little shampoo or mild detergent and then rubbing over the entire surface and between one tooth and the other. No other special precautions are needed other than not to leave the comb immersed in water. So it will last you longer and will treat your hair with the utmost delicacy.
Only when the comb is completely damaged can you dispose of it, reduced to small pieces in the organic collection or take it to the wood collection centers in your city.

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