Sea Saving Sustainable Cosmetics and Detergents

If you love the boat life, you should use products that respect the sea and Officina Naturae has the solution for you.

Sea Loving Solid Cosmetics

Real solid cosmetics, with perfectly balanced formulas to be effective even with salt water. They produce a soft foam that gently cleanses the body thanks to the organic extracts and ingredients chosen for different types of hair and skin. The concentrated solid deodorant, in an aluminum tin, guarantees a safe freshness all day long.

Thanks to the high-biodegradable ingredients and to the plastic free packaging, they are the perfect solution for a zero waste sea lifestyle.

Oral Care

Plastic free oral hygiene routine: mouthwash and toothpaste without plastic, with a fully recyclable and reusable packaging in glass and aluminum cap. How to use the tabs of toothpaste and mouthwash? Just chew a little the tab and then brush the teeth. Dissolve the solid mouthwash in few water. They are perfect to be carried on travel, for the zero waste oral routine at home and on the go.


Sunscreens for a safe protection from UVB and UVA rays on boat. They are safe also for the environment because they are formuled with only physical filters and not chemical ones, the latest ones are responsible for damaging coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Thanks to their ecosustainable formulation, you can use them also in those seas where sunscreens with chemical filters are not allowed. Also, the bottle is in bioplastic from sugar cane, with a very low environmental impact and 100% recyclable, for a “green” tan.

Sea Loving Solid Dishwashing

Do you want to erase the plastic from your boat and look for a detergent that lasts almost 2 month? The Solid Dishwashing answers extactly to these requests! No more plastic bottles that uselessly occupy space, thanks to the solid detergent you will have perfectly cleaned and degreased dishes and surfaces such as plexiglass, steel and fiberglass.

You can use it on boat without problems thanks to the high-biodegradable ingredients and to the fully plastic free packaging.

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