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Clothes laundry

A big stain of sauce on a dress, the baby spilling the chocolate ice-cream on his bib, grease dirty hands rubbed on the trousers: here is just a small list of stains, which we have to fight against every day during the laundry. We will make the dream of every housewife come true: you can obtain a white laundry thanks to our bio detergents, like Solara Laundry Powder or Solara Liquid Laundry! Do you know the secret to get a perfect laundry? Laundry Powder is certainly more efficient against the most stubborn stains, while Liquid Laundry is more suitable for lightly soiled clothes, or delicate fabrics like wool or silk.
Then, if you are having a tough time with some extremely stubborn stain, Solara Degreaser against oily spots!
Now that you know the secret, try the most indicated products for your laundry!

Clothes laundry

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