Oat Blossom Laundry Fragrance

Immerse yourself in a world where freshness and Nature embrace your laundry. Officina Naturae’s Oat Blossom Laundry Fragrance is more than just a fragrance for laundry. It is a sensory, yet sustainable, journey into the sweetness and softness of a blooming spring meadow. 


100 ml

  • AIAB Bio Eco Detergenza
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


If immersing yourself in Nature is your favorite pastime and smelling its scents transports you to a heavenly dimension, then you must try the Oat Blossom Laundry Fragrance from the Officina Naturae line of laundry fragrances. It will give you an experience that awakens the senses, where the sweetness of flowers blends harmoniously with the softness of Oat milk, while a musky, powdery base gives depth and persistence to the scent, without ever being overpowering.

This laundry fragrance is the result of impeccable research in the selection of the best natural essences. In fact, Officina Naturae has always been concerned about the environment and has selected a 100% biodegradable formula for you, made with fractions of natural essential oils.

Moreover, this laundry fragrance stands out because it is concentrated and certified AIAB Bio Eco Detergency, a standard that guarantees the natural and organic origin of the ingredients and the sustainability of the formula. 

Some more information:

Our Oat Blossom Laundry Fragrance envelops your fabrics in a fresh but above all natural fragrance: thanks to its formula free of petrochemical-derived molecules and phthalates, which can compromise your health, your skin and your sense of smell are safe.

The fragrance is persistent yet delicate: it envelops your laundry at all times, as if it had just been washed, without being too strong and annoying. Moreover, with the ability to dose the fragrance according to your preferences, you have complete control over the intensity of the fragrance.

Indeed, the fragrance is very concentrated and with 100 ml of product, you can do up to 15 washes, saving you money.

We cannot, then, neglect to tell you that our commitment to respect for animals and Italian quality is reflected in every drop of this laundry fragrance, which is vegan and made in Italy.

How to use the product

Want to discover the versatility of use of our laundry fragrance? From the washing machine to the dryer or the closet, this fragrance fits every need.

In the washing machine or by hand, you only need 1 or 2 caps per wash to achieve your preferred intensity. It should be dosed pure in the last rinse tub or diluted with fabric softener. If you use Citric Acid solution instead of fabric softener and you don't like mixing different scents, mix the desired amount of fragrance well with it, or try our Natural Fragrance-Free Fabric Softener.

You can also scent laundry in the dryer: pour a few drops of laundry fragrance into a handkerchief and place it with the clothes in the drum.

A few drops are also enough to scent your drawers or closet, using a diffuser (not in direct contact with the fabrics) or the rooms where you live, scenting the water for washing the floors or the vacuum cleaner filter. 

Active principles

Concentrated blend of natural essences and essential oils, such as spring flowers, Oats, Virginia Cedarwood and Cinnamon leaves.

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