Natural Deodorant

How difficult it is to find the right natural deodorant, therefore safe and gentle for your skin, with a good scent, fresh but also resistant in every situation! Try the natural deodorants of Officina Naturae! First of all, we wanted to create valid bio deodorants, which do not block perspiration but hinder the proliferation of bacteria, which cause sweat, thanks to 100% natural ingredients: this is how spray and roll-on deodorants were born, with fragrances that evoke the breeze. marina or meadows in bloom. The subsequent evolution is an alternative line for a plastic-free lifestyle: here are the five deodorants in solid form, also ideal for travel, with all different natural fragrances, except one without perfume, all based on impalpable bicarbonate, which does not irritate the axillary area. They are all designed for you, who love delicacy on the skin, as they are deodorants without aluminum, triclosan, alcohol or other ingredients avoided by those who care about the environment.

Natural Deodorant

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