Solid Face Cleanser

There is nothing better than choosing a solid cleanser for your face to use in the morning, when you wake up, and in the evening, before going to sleep. You will make a nice gift to the skin of the face that needs pampering more than any other area of ​​the body.
Using the solid face cleanser in the morning, the skin will immediately be fresh and toned. In the evening, your skin needs to eliminate the stress and impurities accumulated during the day. With the solid facial cleanser you will feel the skin soft and you will see it radiant. The face area is very delicate and needs special attention. We recommend the Officina Naturae solid face cleanser, because we have studied a specific formula that maintains the correct balance of the skin. Officina Naturae solid face cleansers are made with natural extracts that prevent skin aging, purify pores and soothe irritation. Plus all the ingredients are 100% vegan!
Why a solid cleaner? Because it is almost totally free of water, so very little product is enough to have your face cleansed immediately: it lasts as long as two bottles of liquid face cleanser. But that's not all: the solid face cleanser is the right zero waste choice and the packaging is totally plastic free.
Discover your ideal solid face cleanser: ours are suitable for all skin types, young and old and even with beards. Choose yours, if you love your face as well as nature!

Solid Face Cleanser

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