Solid Cosmetics Energy Kit

A small size plastic free solid cosmetics kit, to take on any occasion outside the home? The Energy Solid Cosmetic Kit, with shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face and intimate cleanser, with revitalizing and purifying action for skin and hair, makes you burst with energy all day long! Find out if what you want always with you, even on the go!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


If you are looking for a kit of cosmetic products, not of any kind, but better than cosmetics with revitalizing active ingredients and with plastic free packaging, then we offer you the Energy Solid Cosmetic Kit. Is it the right one for you? This travel cosmetic kit contains 5 mini size of the solid cosmetics of the CO.SO. by Officina Naturae:

  • Mini Size Solid Intimate Cleanser, COSMOS Organic certified - 15 g - delicate with organic extracts of Calendula and Oats, with a soothing action, and Tea Tree extract with known antifungal properties.
  • Mini Size Strengthening and Illuminating Shampoo - 15 g - for brittle and dry hair, with biological extract of Birch, with normalizing action, and biological extract of Chestnut, with strengthening action.
  • Mini Size Strengthening and Illuminating Conditioner - 15 g - for brittle and dry hair, also with organic Birch extract, with a normalizing action, and organic Chestnut extract, with a strengthening action.
  • Mini Size Revitalizing Body Wash - 15 g - with a toning and energizing action, with biological extract of Black Tea, antioxidant, and biological extract of Willow, renewing.
  • Mini Size Purifying Facial Cleanser - 15 g - for combination and impure skin, with organic extract of Blackberry, with antioxidant action, and organic extract of Apple, with astringent action.

These five travel sizes of CO.SO. they are not only perfect for travel, especially in the hand luggage of the plane. They are also ideal if you want to try the products of the line and perhaps switch to a choice of a more conscious, sustainable and plastic-free personal hygiene routine!

Some more information:

Solid cosmetics CO.SO. they are not made with a saponification process but with formulas completely similar to those of cosmetics in liquid form, but without water, which is why they have a non-alkaline pH.
The Mini Sizes of the Shampoo and Strengthening and Illuminating Conditioner help to repair the surface of dull hair damaged by aggressive treatments and external agents thanks to the organic chestnut extract, while the organic birch extract helps to rebalance the skin. Result? Soft and well-detangled hair.
And if you want to restore a brighter appearance to your mixed or impure facial skin, there is the Purifying Face Cleanser Mini Size, whose organic extracts of Blackberry and Apple have astringent properties.
The Revitalizing Mini Size Bubble Bath will be very useful for an invigorating shower or bath thanks to the organic extracts of Willow and Black Tea, which benefit the skin's microcirculation. Eventually you won't feel the skin tighten.
The latest news from CO.SO. is the Mini Size Solid Underwear, extremely delicate. A valid help in preventing annoying itching, irritation and bad smells thanks to the extracts of Calendula, Oat and Tea Tree!

All the products in this kit are made in Italy with artisanal processes and 100% natural ingredients, which is why they may have small imperfections in color and shape, which do not compromise their quality.

How to use the product

The Mini Sizes of solid cosmetics in the kit are used very easily: the advice to rub them between moistened hands to create the foam to be applied in the areas to be cleansed is valid for almost all. Solid shampoo and conditioner can also be applied directly to wet hair and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, all products need abundant rinsing.
They last a long time, but will last longer if kept away from water and humidity. For the same reason, they must be dried perfectly to keep them in a closed container, such as our CO.SO. in recycled and recyclable aluminum, made in Italy. Very useful for travel: you must have at least one pair to contain all the Mini Sizes of your cosmetic travel kit!

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