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Solid Deodorant

Scenting fresh throughout the day makes you feel at ease and makes you confident in any situation. This is certainly what we all look for in a good body deodorant. And if the body deodorant respects the skin and nature, it's even better! Officina Naturae solid deodorant contains all these characteristics: it has a completely natural and vegan formulation. It is certainly an effective deodorant for the body, because it is based on Hamamelis extract, which regulates sweating, and Bicarbonate, the latter impalpable, so it does not irritate. Perfect if you are looking for delicate deodorants!
Our solid deodorant has the appearance of a compact cream, contained in a 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum package, so it is a completely plastic free solid deodorant! Take it with you everywhere, you will be amazed at how practical it is and you will not have the problem of liquid spills in your bag!
The Deo CO.SO. it does not contain aluminum salts, dyes or preservatives, so it is a safe deodorant for your health and the environment. The fragrance-free version is allergy-proof.
Choose the best among body deodorants!

Solid Deodorant

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