Natural Hair Masks

Do you use natural hair masks in your hair care routine? They are not optional to the conditioner but necessary, to be alternated with the latter. Officina Naturae has created them for you: they are natural masks to make hair grow in a healthy way, while also respecting the Planet. Trust our twenty years of experience! We choose raw materials of exclusively vegetable and mineral origin, which take care of your hair and skin. In natural masks for dry hair, for example, you will not find silicones, which you fear, because they weigh down and are not green. Unlike natural DIY masks, which are complicated to make and of dubious effectiveness, our natural masks to strengthen hair contain tested plant extracts and proteins, which nourish and repair even damaged hair. They are all certified eco-friendly and have a 100% recyclable aluminum pack.
You can also find masks to outline curls, for normal hair and natural masks for straight hair: choose yours according to your hair type!

Natural Hair Masks

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