The Officina Naturae Team lands in Sweden!

Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden by number of inhabitants, is the new “port”, where our team will disembark for two days, in November, to introduce the “world” of sustainable products from Officina Naturae.
In fact, our first opportunity has arrived to participate at NOFF, better known as Eco Living Scandinavia & the Nordic Organic Food Fair, the most northern organic fair in Europe.

Meet us at SANA 2022 in Bologna

Let’s imagine you are waiting for this event as much as we are! Because, whether you are a simple consumer or an operator in the sector, if your passion is natural and organic products, you cannot miss the event of the year: SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural, which this year reaches its 34th edition.

The awarded Solid Cosmetics CO.SO. in 2020

When we created the CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics, we never imagined that, after just one year of marketing, two of these cosmetics would be awarded! For us it was an unexpected recognition but it gratified us for all our efforts in persevering along a path already underway: the reduction of packaging waste.