onSUN is the brand new line of sunscreens and aftersun products designed to protect the skin while respecting the sea. The sunscreens have certified UVA and UVB protection, with 100% mineral and plant-based filters. They are suitable for children, delicate skin, and those who are sensitive to the sun.

The aftersun products for the body and hair moisturize, nourish, and refresh. They leave the skin with a long-lasting and toned tan, and the hair soft and shiny.

With onSUN:

• reduce plastic waste, as the sunscreens are in aluminium tubes with bioplastic caps, 100% recyclable, and the liquid after sun products are in bottles made of special post-consumer recycled plastic. Additionally, new solid and zero-waste aftersun products are also available;
• protect your skin and the sea, as the sunscreens contain only non-nano mineral and plant-based filters, and exclude chemical sun filters that are banned in several seas around the world;
• protect your skin and hair from the sun and saltwater damage, thanks to the numerous plant extracts;
• the SPF 30 and 50 creams have a high protection factor, certified by tests, against UVB and UVA rays, to ensure safe exposure to the sun;
• avoid sensitivity or allergic reactions to the sun, as the sunscreens are formulated without fragrance;
• minimize the white cast, as the slightly tinted sunscreens with natural mineral-derived colors are easily absorbed when applied in small amounts.

Protect your skin, respect the sea and its inhabitants, choose onSUN!

onSUN sunscreen and aftersun product line

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