One of our most appreciated lines by those who look for products formulated with few and selected vegetable ingredients, really loved by anyone who wants to take care of his body simply and gently.  

Natù line's products are suitable for the whole family, including the most lively children that come home covered in mud, and also for you, who search for a gentle bio cleanser that respects your skin. 

Fragrance-Free Delicate Cleanser is undoubtedly Natù line's best-seller, thanks to its delicate formula, particularly indicated for those who suffer from allergies, intolerances, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). 

Then, if you like to self-produce, Fragrance-Free Delicate Cleanser is an excellent neutral cleansing base. Personalize it with essential oils or vegetable extracts and create your favorite body wash, shampoo, or intimate soap!

For sportspeople and those going to the gym, Natù Shower Shampoo doesn't make the gym bag heavier and gives you a boost under the shower. Using just one product, you can gently wash your body and hair, and it can be used daily without any problem, also to bathe children.

Do you want a great body wash or a perfect shampoo in a large size? All Natù line's products are available in large-size refill bottles, designed for families that opt for bio detergents, saving money and reducing their waste at the same time. Furthermore, consider that the jerrycan is made of bio-plastic!

Discover Natù, the line of body detergents with light and vital formulas!

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