Organic Solid Body Wash

After a nice bath or shower, the skin feels soft and velvety! With the solid shower gel this pleasant sensation is guaranteed! Our solid shower gel is formulated to respect the balance of the skin, leaving it smoother and softer, thanks to the pH similar to that of the skin. With traditional products, you would risk feeling dehydrated, tight or flaky skin due to the formula being too basic or aggressive. Our solid shower gel is natural, it saves you money: with its simple plastic-free paper packaging, it replaces up to two 250 ml bottles of liquid product, and is suitable to take anywhere, even on the plane.
In each of our natural solid shower gel, antioxidant properties, which protect the capillaries and promote cell renewal, or soothing, and all derive from natural and organic extracts. Our solid bubble baths are all zero waste and ideal for all skin types, even for children!
Abandon yourself to the caresses of Officina Naturae solid shower gel, you will become friends for the skin!

Organic Solid Body Wash

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