Green Small CO.SO.

If you are green inside, you are also green in your personal hygiene always and wherever you are: for this reason you cannot do without this combo, consisting of two solid cosmetics, shampoo and shower gel in mini format, with which to be green even outside the home. Delicate for your skin and hair, they are also the perfect idea for a sustainable gift to give to those you want to involve in your sustainable lifestyle!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Thinking green is not enough, you must also behave in a sustainable way, wherever you are, even outside the home! If you agree with us, then put the Green Small CO.SO. in your gym bag, hiking backpack, suitcase or any other luggage! It is a small package consisting of the combination of two mini sizes of our super popular solid cosmetics CO.SO. for personal body and hair hygiene:

  • Mini Size Protective Nourishing Shampoo - 15 g
  • Mini Size Velvety Bubble Bath - 15 g

In addition to being fantastic and practical travel sizes, they are an excellent plastic free idea to try our solids and to get closer to the zero waste lifestyle, if you have not yet done so, or to convert someone else, with a cheap gift but full of meaning for our planet!

Some more information:

Our solid cosmetics are delicate and should not be confused with soaps, which are more aggressive and alkaline. In fact, they have a pH that respects skin and hair.
The shampoo is suitable for scalp that irritates frequently and for fine hair or hair with a tendency to grease and has a nourishing and protective action, thanks to the organic extracts of Walnut and Oats. After washing the hair is untangled and soft.
In the bubble bath, on the other hand, the Red Grape and Black Currant extracts perform an anti-free radical and protective action for delicate skin.
Both products are made in Italy, with high quality natural raw materials and due to the craftsmanship of the processing they may have small imperfections that do not compromise their validity.

How to use the product

Shampoo and conditioner are used by rubbing them between wet hands. They produce a soft foam to be applied on skin and hair, or by rubbing them directly on wet skin and hair. Help yourself with a sponge to better distribute the shower gel. Rinse after washing.
They last longer if you keep them away from humidity and water and let them dry on the CO.SO Compostable PLA Solid Holder, before closing them again to put them back on the road with you!
Always stay green and recycle the boxes in the paper collection, after having discarded the Small CO.SO.!

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