Toothpaste Tabs

Today, there are nearly 1 billion tubes of toothpaste in landfills and oceans around the world. We all have to do something and your contribution is necessary: ​​switch to Officina Naturae toothpaste in tablets! Totally plastic free oral hygiene: plastic-free toothpaste, thanks to a recyclable and reusable glass packaging, and an aluminum-only cap.
How to use toothpaste tablets? The toothpaste in tablets bites and melts in the mouth and then brushes the teeth.
They are perfect to take on the go, for your zero waste hygiene routine both at home and on the go.
You can choose your organic toothpaste in tablets between the Mint and Lemon flavors!
Mint and Lemon are, in fact, the essential oils with balsamic and astringent action, which enrich the formulas of 100% natural solid toothpastes by Officina Naturae. Finally, hydroxyapatite helps keep the tooth enamel in excellent condition. Without fluoride, dyes or synthetic additives, perfect for your green lifestyle!

Toothpaste Tabs

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