If you love using simple and natural products, the Olipuri line is a selection of precious oils for your body: they are 100% pure, organic, and obtained from plants. 

To keep their organoleptic features intact, these oils are obtained exclusively by cold pressing. Some of them are gently filtered by letting them flow on pure clay, like the Rosehip Oil. This treatment doesn't compromise the oil's properties, but it actually prolongs their duration over time. 

In the Olipuri line, you will find the precious organic Argan Oil, perfect for deeply moisturizing your skin, and also Castor Oil and Linseed Oil, your trusted partners for hair and eyelashes care. Among the body oils, one cannot forget the irreplaceable Neem Oil, which has multiple uses: it can be a repellent for parasites in animals or head lice in kids, but it is also a useful remedy for ulcerated skin and mycosis. Organic Almond Oil is another well-liked moisturizing body oil, obtained by the cold pressing of a precious variety of Apulian almonds. 

Differently from essential oils, which are extracted by flowers or plants distillation, Olipuri are not scented, since they are obtained just like organic EVO oil is obtained: by squeezing a seed!

Among Olipuri, search for the most suitable oil for yourself.


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