Solid Cosmetics Soft Kit

Do you want to have an imprint on the planet, even when you take care of your personal hygiene on vacation or away for a short trip? Try the Soft Solid Cosmetics Kit, which includes shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser and underwear, all solid, in mini and plastic free format. They are gentle on your skin and hair, find out why and if they are for you!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


In a light luggage, the Soft Solid Cosmetic Kit is ideal when you are away from home, for a weekend of work or leisure, you love hiking with a tent or you are on a boat and prefer to take a light luggage with you. Or it's the perfect cosmetic starter kit if you need to figure out if a solid, plastic-free personal hygiene routine is right for you. With this cosmetic kit you have 5 plastic free products from the CO.SO. Officina Naturae, for cleansing of body, face and hair:

  • Mini Size Solid Intimate Cleanser COSMOS Organic certified - 15 g - with organic extracts of Calendula and Oats, delicate with a soothing action, and Tea Tree extract with known antifungal action.
  • Mini Size Protective Nourishing Shampoo - 15 g - for normal or delicate hair, with organic Walnut extract, with an astringent action, and organic Oat extract, with a calming action.
  • Mini Size Protective Nourishing Conditioner - 15 g - for normal or delicate hair, also with organic Walnut extract, with an astringent action, and organic Oat extract, with a calming action.
  • Mini Size Velvety Shower Gel - 15 g - for a smooth and soft skin, with organic extract of black currant, with protective action, and organic extract of red grapes, with antioxidant action.
  • Mini Size Delicate Face Cleanser - 15 g - for normal and delicate skin, with biological extract of Horehound, with protective action, and organic extract of Sweet Clover, with anti-inflammatory action.

They lend themselves to being very comfortable travel sizes away from home, for short trips or to the gym, because they are solid. If you want to get closer to a conscious and sustainable lifestyle, without plastic, but you haven't had the courage yet, start with our kit!

Some more information:

The formulas of our solid cosmetics do not have a production process derived from saponification, so their pH is not alkaline and they remain very delicate on the skin and hair, like real cosmetics, even if they do not have water.
Indicated for easily irritable scalp and fine or slightly greasy hair, the mini size of solid shampoo and conditioner with a nourishing and protective function, soothe irritations and leave hair soft and well detangled, thanks to the organic extracts of Walnut and Oats.
The organic extracts of Horehound and Sweet Clover, contained in the mini size of the Delicate Solid Face Cleanser, have a soothing action even against the driest skin of the face, which is thus clean and well hydrated.
Red Grapes and Black Currant, with their action that counteracts skin aging, make the mini-size Solid Velvety Bath Foam, a prêt-à-porter cuddle.
Could not miss the latest news among the CO.SO., the Mini Size Intimo Solido, a very delicate intimate cleanser, even if solid. The extracts of Calendula, Oat and Tea Tree, help to keep bad odors, itching and irritation under control.

The mini size of the CO.SO Solid Cosmetic Kits, like the corresponding larger sizes, are handcrafted in Italy: the highest quality ingredients are natural and therefore you may notice small imperfections in the colors or in the shape that do not affect their effectiveness.

How to use the product

Always use them following these tips with our solids: wet your hands and rub them creating the foam that you will then apply on the skin and hair. In the case of the shower gel you can also use a sponge or use it directly on the skin. Shampoo and conditioner are also very effective by passing the solids directly on well-wet hair. Finally, rinse well.
Their durability will amaze you but only if you keep them away from water and humidity. Let them dry well before storing them by placing them on the CO.SO Compostable PLA Solid Door. Then you can close them to take them wherever you want, it will be your favorite cosmetic travel kit!

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