Small Orange CO.SO.

What are "Small CO.SO."? Solid cosmetics of the CO.SO.line, which have become small, in mini sizes, to be carried with you wherever you go, to the gym, camping, by boat, by plane, or to be enclosed in a small gift to give. In particular, the Orange Small CO.SO. combo consists of shampoo and shower gel that will make you burst with energy from all pores, thanks to the revitalizing action of plant extracts. A shame not to try them!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


The Orange Small CO.SO. are small and nice, enclosed in a colorful box to give or take with you, who want a charge of energy even outside the home, in the shower ... this is, in fact, the combination of solid shampoo and shower gel, from CO.SO. line Officina Naturae, which includes, among the natural ingredients, active ingredients that strengthen and revitalize skin and hair:

  • Mini Size Strengthening and Illuminating Shampoo - 15 g
  • Mini Size Revitalizing Bubble Bath - 15 g

They are two travel size plastic free that allow you to maintain your sustainable lifestyle, bringing these products with you wherever you want, or giving them to someone you want to communicate that "without plastic is possible"!

Some more information:

However, if you have never tried solid cosmetics yet, you must absolutely know that they are different from soap bars, because their pH is similar to that of the body and hair and, therefore, they are very delicate. In addition, the "Orange" have a specific function for the hair and the skin that need to regain strength and vitality.
In particular, the shampoo is characterized by the organic extracts of Birch, with normalizing action, and of Chestnut, with a repairing action for the hair structure. It is, therefore, ideal for dry and damaged hair from aggressive treatments and excessive heat.
The bubble bath, on the other hand, uses organic extracts of Black Tea and Willow, for an antioxidant and renewing action. Ideal for cleansing the skin without drying it, restoring tone and vigor.
Like all CO.SO., Small Orange are produced in an artisanal way and with quality raw materials in Italy. The processing and the natural origin of the ingredients can give the products a non-perfect result in terms of shape and color, but the effectiveness remains unaffected.

How to use the product

Use Small CO.SO. directly on well-wet skin and hair or by creating the foam in your hands and applying it to the body and head. You can also help yourself with a sponge. Massage and then rinse. Their duration is fantastic and you can extend it even more if you keep them away from sources of humidity and water. Let them dry well before closing them to take them with you again. To do this, use the CO.SO. [>> Link to product sheet] in 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum, also made in Italy.
Do not forget to recycle the boxes in the paper collection, after having discarded the solids!
Always carry with you or give the energy of Orange CO.SO.!

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