Solid Shower Shampoo N°03

The 2 in 1 product for everyday use


50 g

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Cosmos Natural
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


You love to surround yourself with a few essential products and when you go shopping you go for sure?
Do you prefer practical products, those you can easily use in the shower, when you get back from work, in the gym or in the pool?
The  Solid Shower Shampoo CO.SO. Officina Naturae, we thought it just for you, looking for a single product to wash your body and hair.
It is also ideal to take with you whenever you are traveling, because it is solid and there is no risk that it will spill into your suitcase. This shower shampoo man is not a common soap but a product gentle on skin and hair, because formulated like the equivalent liquid shower shampoos, but without water. For this reason it is suitable for frequent use.
Its fresh and invigorating scent will recharge you every time you feel the need for new energy.
Its solid appearance, makes you completely eliminate those unpleasant plastic bottles - equivalent to about 2 bottles of 150 ml - with a remarkable advantage also for the environment, to which we know you care, if you are choosing conscious and plastic free products.

Some more information:

Our Solid Shower Shampoo is not as alkaline as soap and respects the pH of skin and hair. For this reason,leaving the shower you will not feel that feeling of skin pulling and your hair will be easy to comb through.
It contains organic extracts of blackberry and blackcurrant, rich in active antioxidants and free antiradical, which protect the skin against fragility of capillaries and aging. Their action cancel the stress from external agents such as smog and UV exposure.
For you who are also attentive to fragrances, like all products in the CO.SO. Men’s Collection line, the scent of our shower shampoo man is completely of natural origin, derived from essential oil fractions.

How to use the product

Massage solid shower shampoo directly on wet hair, or first create the foam in your hands and then apply it on your hair and on the body. Let it act a few minutes and rinse. Like all our Shampoo and Conditioner CO.SO., you don't need acid rinse.
If you feel the need, you can also do two washes. At the end of use, leave the solid hanging, thanks to its natural hemp cord, to make it dry perfectly.
You can, thus, put it in a container like our CO.SO. Travel Tin made in Italy to store it or take it wherever you want.

Active principles

- Blackberry extract: antioxidant and protective
- Blackcurrant extract: protective for capillaries


Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polyglyceryl-6 stearate, Zea Mays Starch, Glycerin, Function: Ammorbidente, emolliente, antiridepositante
Advantages: Vegetale. Perfettamente ecocompatibile. Completamente e velocemente biodegradabile
Polyglyceryl-6 behenate, Parfum, Citric Acid, Function: Acidificante
Advantages: Ingrediente di origine vegetale.Rimuove il calcare ed i residui di detersivo.
Ribes Nigrum Leaf Extract*, Rubus Fruticosus Fruit Extract*, Sodium Benzoate, Function: Conservante di grado alimentare
Advantages: Impedisce al prodotto di deteriorarsi
Potassium Sorbate, Function: Conservante di grado alimentare
Advantages: Impedisce al prodotto di deteriorarsi
Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Indigofera tinctoria leaf extract, Charcoal powder.

*from organic farming

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