Peach Vanilla Laundry Fragrance

Enjoy a unique sensory experience with our Vanilla Peach Laundry Fragrance, a fresh, enveloping fragrance that brings new life to your laundry. 100% biodegradable and certified AIAB Bio Eco Detergency, because we care about your health and the environment... do you want to try it? Find out by reading all the details!


100 ml

  • AIAB Bio Eco Detergenza
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Immerse yourself in a world of freshness and Nature with our Peach Vanilla Laundry Fragrance from Officina Naturae’s line of laundry and home products. It’s a symphony of natural scents that embraces your laundry: created with fractions of natural essential oils, this laundry fragrance transforms the moment you wear your clothes, or hang out your laundry, into a delightfully fragrant experience. Its lively composition, which mixes green notes of Aloe with the fruity scent of Peach Pulp and Coconut Milk, is married with a delicate floral middle note and a soft musky base note.

We take care of the environment by offering you a fully biodegradable and AIAB Bio Eco Detergency Certified laundry fragrance solution, because clean laundry and a clean Planet go hand in hand.

Some more information:

With our Vanilla Peach Laundry Fragrance, your laundry will be naturally scented, without the use of petrochemical-derived compounds, which can create ailments to your health, such as phthalates.

Its high concentration allows you to dose the fragrance to your liking, ensuring a long-lasting but never intrusive freshness, as if the laundry had just been washed. Also, for the same reason, you can do up to 15 washes with 100 ml. Put it to the test: compared with other laundry fragrances, the price/quantity ratio will amaze you.

Vegan and made entirely in Italy, like all Officina Naturae products it is the most eco-friendly solution for your naturally scented laundry and health-conscious lifestyle. 

How to use the product

This laundry fragrance offers a complete experience: perfect for washing machine and hand washing, it can also be used as a laundry scent in drawers and closets.

Wrap your laundry in a delicate cloud of fragrance. You can use it in the washing machine or by hand, pouring 1 or 2 caps pure into the tub or mixed with fabric softener. Dose it according to the desired intensity.

You can also use it with our Natural Fragrance-Free Fabric Softener to bring out its scent notes to the fullest.

Even in the dryer, it does the trick if you pour a few drops into a handkerchief to insert into the drum. 

To scent laundry in the closet or drawers, pour a few drops onto the diffuser and place it between the garments, avoiding direct contact with the fabrics. To scent rooms, add a few drops to the water used to wash the floors or in the filter of the vacuum cleaner.

Active principles

Concentrated blend of natural essences and essential oils, such as Aloe, Peach, Coconut, flowers and musk.

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