Sea Breeze Laundry Fragrance

Choose Officina Naturae Sea Breeze Laundry Fragrance and envelop every moment of your day in a sweet, fresh sea breeze. This laundry fragrance lets you take care of your laundry and the environment, because a clean-smelling wardrobe also goes hand in hand with sustainability.


100 ml

  • AIAB Bio Eco Detergenza
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Let yourself be transported to the seashore and smell the lively scents of sea salt, citrus, and sea flowers with our Sea Breeze Laundry Fragrance from Officina Naturae's line of laundry detergents! It's like a fresh wave enveloping your laundry! The sea breeze is transformed into an olfactory bouquet with citrus facets, giving your clothes a unique freshness.

This concentrated laundry fragrance contains natural essential oils, and is an ideal choice for those who like to care for the environment without sacrificing freshness and sophistication.

With our laundry fragrance, you not only give your laundry an irresistible fragrance, but also the guarantee of a product that respects the environment and your skin, because it is 100% biodegradable and AIAB Bio Eco Detergency certified.

Some more information:

The benefits of our laundry fragrance, are on well-being, but also ecological, practical and economical: your laundry will be naturally scented, without petrochemically derived products, as it is made with fractions of essential oils from nature. In fact, it contains no phthalates, which have been questioned as potential endocrine disruptors.

Like all Officina Naturae products, our laundry fragrance is 100% vegan and made in Italy.

Among laundry essences, you'll find that ours has a delicate yet enveloping and long-lasting persistence.

What's more, you can dose it as you like, so you can have a custom tailored freshness.

Finally, with the 100 ml bottle of our laundry fragrance, do up to 15 washes: compare the price/quantity ratio with other laundry fragrances on the market, you'll find it pays off!

How to use the product

Experience its versatility of use: in the washing machine, by hand, in the dryer, and even as a laundry scent in drawers and closets! 

In the washing machine, to gently scent your laundry with marine notes, pour 1 or 2 caps of laundry fragrance, depending on the desired intensity, into the fabric softener tub, along with the fabric softener, citric acid solution or pure.

If you prefer not to mix this fragrance with the fabric softener fragrance, we recommend our Natural Fragrance-Free Fabric Softener.

You can also use it in the dryer by pouring a few drops into a tissue to insert into the drum. 

Active principles

Concentrated blend of natural essences and essential oils, such as citrus and sea flowers.


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