Rose Blossom Laundry Fragrance

Enjoy the pleasure of laundry as fragrant and fresh as a May day with Officina Naturae’s Rose Blossom Laundry Fragrance, you’ll also experience the peace of mind that you’ve chosen a product that’s respectful of the environment and your health. 


100 ml

  • AIAB Bio Eco Detergenza
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Imagine yourself strolling through a flower garden of red roses and try to smell their intense scents: that’s the feeling you can experience every day if you let your clothes washed with our Rose Blossom Laundry Fragrance from the Officina Naturae line of household detergents. It is a 100% biodegradable and natural laundry fragrance. Live the experience that the mix of olfactory notes of red rose with spicy hints, with a light touch of jasmine and the refined sweetness of vanilla can give you. A fragrance that gently envelops your senses. Are you looking forward to trying our laundry fragrance?

It’s different from the classic laundry fragrances you find on the market: this one is guaranteed by AIAB Bio Eco Eco Detergency certification, which means quality raw materials of natural origin and respect for your health and the environment.

Some more information:

Rose Blossom Laundry Fragrance is an environmentally friendly concentrate, made from fractions of natural essential oils. Because of this, your skin does not come into contact with raw materials of petrochemical origin –such as phthalates, possible endocrine disruptors found in many laundry fragrances– and the environment benefits as well.

Moreover, again proving its eco-sustainability, it is a product made entirely in Italy and respects animals.

The advantages of our laundry fragrance do not end there: you can dose the fragrance as it suits your sense of smell, and you can enjoy it over time, because it will persist gently for days on your laundry.

Finally, with 100 ml of product, you get to scent your laundry for up to 15 washes, with great relief for your wallet.

How to use the product

To make the best use of Rose Blossom Laundry Fregrance and envelop your laundry, of any type of fabric, in a cloud of spring scent, follow our directions.

In the washing machine or by hand, dose it according to your preference to achieve the desired intensity, 1 to 2 caps per wash. Pour the laundry fragrance into the fabric softener tub, either pure or diluted in the fabric softener itself or, if you use it instead, in the Citric Acid solution.

To avoid mixing two different scents, Natural Fragrance-Free Fabric Softener is also available.

Our laundry fragrance also works in the dryer by soaking a few drops in a handkerchief to put directly in the drum.

A few drops, on a diffuser (to be placed not in direct contact with fabrics) are also enough to scent your linens in the closet, or the surrounding rooms, if you pour it into the water for washing the floors or into the vacuum cleaner filter. 

Active principles

Concentrated blend of natural essences and essential oils, such as red rose, jasmine and vanilla.

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