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Bleaching Percarbonate

It bleaches and sanitize laundry, dishes and accessories of common use. Exclusive formula that improves washing with little detergent.


1000 gr

  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Suitable for bleaching and sanitizing laundry, dishes and accessories of common use.

Solara Bleaching Percarbonate, thanks to its exclusive formula enriched with silicates and phosphonates, softens the water, improving the washing efficiency and allowing to reduce the dose of detergent.

This formulation limits one of the problems deriving from the use of pure Sodium Percarbonate alone: during its action, pure Sodium Percarbonate creates salts of Sodium Carbonate, which, depositing itself on the weave of the garments, tend to harden them and make them unpleasant to the skin.

The inclusion in the formula of sequestrantes (anti-calcare), leaves the most soft and pleasant garments, so particularly suitable for washing towels, washable diapers or children’s garments.

Our Percarbonate (not to be confused with Perborate, which is not ecological!), thanks to its formula, also has a high stability in time. Only pure Sodium Percarbonate tends to lose effectiveness over time, due to the continuous supply of oxygen.

Some more information:

Contrary to popular belief, high-concentration sodium percarbonate is not recommended for tissue washing. Since it is a highly corrosive molecule, it tends over time to break down the textures of the tissues and to deposit on the tissues themselves, salts of sodium carbonate that harden the fibers, making them unpleasant on the skin and make them brittle. Solara Sodium Percarbonate, thanks to its balanced formula, avoids these problems, ensuring effectiveness and respect for the skin and fabrics.

How to use the product

In the washing machine as a pre-washing: pour 2 scoops into the pre-wash basin and dose normally the detergent in the main wash basin.

In the washing machine as a washing: normally dose the detergent in the main basin and add 1 or 2 scoops of product.

Soak: dissolve two scoops in 5 litres of hot water (at least 40 degrees), soak coloured garments for at least 30-60 minutes (max 2 hours) or white garments for at least 1-2 hours (max 4-5 hours).

Then normally wash by hand or in the washing machine with the usual detergent.

In the dishwasher: to sanitize dishes and kitchen items and to eliminate the bad smell, pour a measure of product, together with the detergent, in the main basin of the wash.

Does not contain: enzymes, surfactants or optical brighteners. Store in a cool, dry place and away from light.

Do not use on delicate garments (wool, silk, leather).

If you want to complete your cleaning routine, you can follow our directions, using our conscious products for deep cleansing of the home.

Active principles

Sodium Carbonate Peroxide: Excellent active oxygen whitener. It decomposes into naturally occurring substances.


Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Function: Ossidante, sbiancante, igienizzante
Advantages: Ottimo sbiancante all’ossigeno attivo. Si decompone in sostanze normalmente presenti in natura
Sodium Sulfate, Function: Riempitivo, builders
Advantages: Serve a rendere “scorrevole” la polvere. Si decompone in sostanze normalmente presenti in natura
Disodium Disilicate, Function: Sequestrante la durezza dell’acqua (addolcisce)
Advantages: E’ solubile completamente in acqua a differenza delle Zeoliti. Perfettamente ecocompatibile
Sodium Carbonate, Function: Alcalinizzante, builders
Advantages: Alcalinizza la soluzione lavante aumentandone il potere disgregante. Si decompone in sostanze normalmente presenti in natura
Silica, Function: Silice amorfa
Advantages: Rende il prodotto scorrevole
Tetrasodium Etidronate. Function: Sequestrante la durezza dell’acqua (addolcisce), inibitore di corrosione
Advantages: Agisce in piccolissime quantità. E’ fotodegradabile

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