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Sometimes just a few simple accessories help to improve home cleaning and to reduce our environmental impact. Indispensable is a dosing ball, which allows you not to waste detergent and to reduce the washing dose. The Microfibre Cloth, in the version for all surfaces or in the specific one for glasses, helps you to drastically reduce the dose of detergents and to improve the result, therefore, be less informed and pay more attention to your health.
In your home, full of all kind of accessories, the toothbrush is never missing in the bathroom. Also in this case it makes an ecological choice, choosing one with a renewable source handle, made from wood pulp, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
As an alternative to disposable plastic bottles, choose an ecological water bottle, which does not release phthalates and BPA, reusable and recyclable, perfect to be with you in your free time, at school, at work, in sport.

Even for home accessories, make a sustainable choice!


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