Dishwashing brush

The ecological alternative to dish sponge

  • Plastic-Free
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


After abandoning the unbearable sponges for yellow plates, which often spoil and pollute our Planet, you tried several options on the market (such as nylon brushes, silicone, etc.) but none completely plastic free and none satisfied you for strength and effectiveness. We have a straightforward solution for you: a brush made from waxed beech wood and Tampico bristles, completely natural and made entirely in Italy! Ideal not only for dishes and dishes but, for its strength and effectiveness, it allows you to wash pots with non-stick coatings, without damaging them, and to eliminate the most difficult incrustations. 

Some more information:

If you have never heard of Tampico, now you know that it comes from a particular Agave, typical Mexican cultivation, from which this vegetable fiber is obtained, used to wash delicate fabrics and surfaces. Why is the Dishwashing Brush Officina Naturae better than any dishwashing sponge? It has a great ability to retain water, and then gives it away gradually while using it. This allows you to save detergent for dishes. You can finally say enough about plastic, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle and zero waste with conscious dishwashing products! This natural brush lasts a long time and does not lose bristles, and is 100% biodegradable. 

How to use the product

Our Dish Brush is perfect when used together with Solid Dish Detergent for sustainable and waste-free washing! You can use it simply by holding it, like a normal sponge, and passing it moistened on the solid dish detergent to create the foam, or with a few drops of liquid dish detergent.

After use let it dry thoroughly, with the bristles facing down and away from the water, to keep the fibers long in perfect shape and to prevent the wood, material "alive", left to soak in water, absorbs, deforming or splitting.

Every now and then spray a little Solara Sanitizing Stain Remover, letting it act for a few minutes: the action of hydrogen peroxide will allow you to perfectly sanitize it. Then rinse it out.

It can also be used as a brush head of the Plate Brush with handle.

Recycling the brush is similar to recycling wooden objects: contact your municipality to locate a nearby wood collection center. Otherwise, it can be reduced to smaller pieces, used in compost, or used as fuel for a fireplace or wood stove.

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