Compostable Solid Holder

The Compostable Solid Holder is technological, sustainable and zero waste! To take your CO.SO solid cosmetics with you everywhere.

  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


When technology and sustainability go hand in hand... the Solid Holder is a simple accessory, which is indispensable for your favorite solid cosmetics, but has a truly innovative and ecological soul.

It may look like a soap holder, but it is a solid detergent holder made in Italy with 
3D printing technology in PLA and, therefore, zero waste!

Thanks to careful design, we have managed to produce a support for solid detergents, which allows them to dry perfectly between one use and another.

Some more information:

For the Solid Holder CO.SO. we have studied a reticular structure, extremely light and versatile, made with the innovative 3D printing, which allows water to slip away and keep your solid detergent dry. The material of which it is composed, which is presented in a moldable wire, is PLA, which is of plant origin and derived from renewable sources such as corn or beet. It is perfectly compostable. We have created it for you, who want to reduce your footprint, avoid waste as much as possible and purchase products that are as conscious and sustainable as possible

How to use the product

After using your Delicate Solid Face Cleanser CO.SO., add it to the Solid Holder and let it dry. It is perfect, the solid detergent does not stick to the surface and does not dissolve in the water that remains at the bottom of a common soap dish.

At the end of life, the Solid Door, reduced into small pieces, can be disposed of in the wet/ organic where it decomposes without leaving any residue.

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