Whitening Toothbrush

For a shiny smile with white teeth, you need an oral hygiene routine complete with a whitening toothbrush. Do you want to know what her secret is? It's all enclosed in the special bristles! And for you, who care about the environment, the toothbrush has a biodegradable body! Read on to learn more...

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  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


If one of your wishes is to have a bright smile but the mirror tells you: "for me it's no", then take action! Just using toothpaste to have white teeth may not be enough, get help from a tooth whitening toothbrush!
What does a whitening toothbrush need to have for it to work? Certainly some special bristles. The Officina Naturae Whitening Toothbrush has bristles coated in a special material, which thanks to constant use, help remove surface stains and slow down the yellowing of the enamel.
It is also an eco-sustainable toothbrush, because it has a body in material from a renewable source.
Like a "magic wand" it will bring back your dazzling smile and, at the same time, it will take care of the Planet, like all our products, designed for a conscious consumer like you.

Some more information:

What is the special material that covers the bristles of this toothbrush? It is Calcium Carbonate, which carries out the whitening action. In addition, the bristles have medium hardness, which favors the removal of plaque and tartar, and are not aggressive for gums and enamel, as they have rounded tips.
Why is this toothbrush eco-friendly? The handle is in cellulose acetate, a plastic of vegetable origin (wood pulp) and therefore from a renewable and biodegradable source.
This is our choice for a whitening toothbrush that is effective but, at the same time, respects natural resources!

How to use the product

Although the Officina Naturae Whitening Toothbrush is different from other whitening toothbrushes, it should be used like a normal toothbrush: wet the toothbrush, put a small amount of toothpaste and start brushing from the gum to the tooth.
You will get the best results if you use our Ecobio Mint Whitening Toothpaste together with the whitening toothbrush, with organic Lemon and Sage extracts, effective against tooth stains.
To maintain the whitening effectiveness of the toothbrush, replace it every months.
Where to throw the toothbrush? In the undifferentiated collection: it is not a packaging and does not go into the collection of plastic. However, if you separate the handle from the bristles and reduce it into small pieces, it can be thrown into the wet.
The cardboard case that wraps the newly purchased toothbrush can be thrown into the paper collection.

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