CO.SO. Luxury Solid Cosmetics

CO.SO. Luxury Solid Cosmetics is the sustainable plastic-free revolution!

In our opinion, it is a due revolution, an alternative closer to your needs and your sensitivity towards the environment.

Why CO.SO.? It is the Italian translation of "whatchamacallit", besides being the contraction of SOlid COsmetics, and we liked this fun name right away: it invites one to try this new way of washing... and we are sure that it will inspire you too:

• because COsmetici SOlidi (solid cosmetics) are plastic-free, the right choice to reduce your daily waste;

• because they are COsmetici SOstenibili (sustainable cosmetics), they take care of and respect your skin and the environment;

• because they are COsmetici SOlidali (fairtrade cosmetics), made with organic vegetable raw materials, cultivated in Italy by small producers and packaged by a social cooperative;

• because they are COsmetici SOcial (social cosmetics), that you can share with anyone anywhere, bring on your trips, at the gym, or on a plane (without worrying about liquid leaks).

CO.SO.s are not soaps: they are actual solid cosmetics, with specific pH for the different parts of your body, and their strict formulae use ingredients and active substances, specifically studied for the different types of skin and hair. 

If you look at the ingredients of CO.SO.s, you will realize that we removed the water, so that the cosmetics could be solid and very concentrated. You will see that a small amount of product rubbed on your skin or hair is enough to form a soft foam!

Last but not least, CO.SO.s are hand-made: it means high artisan quality and care in the production.

CO.SO. Luxury Solid Cosmetics

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