Whitening Set

To have white teeth and not with a temporary but long-lasting effect, it is necessary to constantly use whitening products that are delicate and without strange ingredients: here is a natural toothpaste and a medium toothbrush with specific whitening characteristics, such as those of Officina Naturae can do for you. And they are 100% eco-sustainable, even in the packaging!

  • Cosmos Natural
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


A white smile definitely gives you a healthier and more groomed appearance, as well as making you appear a nicer and happier person, doesn't it?
How to get it, without resorting to treatments from the hygienist or temporary and artificial remedies like those heralded on TV?
With the ingredients that nature offers us, without special effects, it is still possible to achieve a natural white. To achieve this, we have developed the Officina Naturae Whitening Set, a combination of products with a white specific function:

Both products are eco-sustainable: the toothpaste, in addition to being COSMOS Natural certified, therefore safe for health and the environment, is in aluminum tube with bioplastic cap, two 100% recyclable materials; the toothbrush has a cellulose acetate handle, therefore derived from a renewable source.
Both the toothpaste and the toothbrush are vegan and cruelty free and respect our animal friends, like all the conscious products of the Oral Care Officina Naturae line.

Some more information:

The toothpaste owes its whitening action to the organic lemon glycerine extract, which reduces stains and yellowing, thus prevents tartar but also tones the gums.
The same whitening function, but of a more mechanical nature, is performed by the organic Sage and Thyme extracts. This toothpaste, like the other toothpastes in aluminum tube, contains a natural acaryogenic sweetener, Erythritol, and is free of fluoride, dyes and SLS / SLES, just for those looking for natural and reliable products for themselves and for the environment.
The toothbrush, on the other hand, owes its whitening effect to calcium carbonate, which covers the medium bristles of the head, with rounded tips, to be delicate on genives and teeth. The handle is in cellulose acetate, a renewable and biodegradable material.

How to use the product

You can use the toothpaste every day, if you have particularly stained teeth, or alternate it with a regular toothpaste to maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth. Use it as a normal toothpaste, placing a small amount (equal to a fingernail) on the moistened toothbrush and gently massaging the teeth from the gum to the top of the teeth. Then rinse.
The toothpaste tube must be disposed of with the light metal packaging, while the bioplastic cap in the collection of plastic packaging (sometimes the two collections coincide, check in your municipality!). Undifferentiated collection, on the other hand, for the toothbrush, which, in any case, will degrade faster than a plastic toothbrush.
If your problem is not stains but tooth sensitivity, then use Mint Natural Toothpaste for Sensitive and Delicate Teeth, which will help you soothe irritated teeth and gums.

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