Plastic-Free Home Kit

With our Plastic-Free Home Kit, you are doing your bit for a more sustainable, cleaner future. Set this cleaning kit aside for yourself, or give it as an eco-friendly gift to a loved one and help to reduce plastic waste in your everyday life. Choose natural cleaning, at home and in the kitchen; choose Officina Naturae, always a guarantee! 

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Our Plastic-Free Home Kit is the perfect gift for those who want an eco-friendly, effective alternative to traditional home cleaning products, normally packaged in plastic. This limited edition contains two solid detergents from the well-known Officina Naturae Solara line: 

To consult the list of ingredients, click on the individual products to see their information sheets. 

Packaged in an elegant decorated box made from recyclable cardboard, these products are ideal for those who want to reduce their environmental impact in the kitchen, and in all other areas. It is a perfect gift for those who love natural cleaning products and want to help avoid the large amount of waste they normally produce. Indeed, the eco-friendly detergents in the Solara line have always been formulated with natural ingredients and minerals, with no ingredients deriving from petrochemical substances, and guarantee exceptional results without compromising the environment.

Some more information:

Our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser is suitable for cleaning stoves, worktops, induction hobs, gas burners and much more, thanks to its high-quality, highly concentrated natural ingredients. You only need a small amount of product to effectively clean kitchenware, surfaces and fabrics, allowing you to make great savings, consuming both the product and water more sustainably. It is Nickel tested, to reduce the risk of allergies, gentle on your hands, and vegan. It leaves a delicate fragrance of Mint and Rosemary.

Our Sweet Orange Solid Dishwashing Soap effectively removes food residues and leaves dishes clean and fragrant. This solid detergent is also highly concentrated, saving up to two 1 l bottles of liquid soap! The ingredients are gentle on your hands and contain no preservatives, colouring agents or synthetic fragrances. Its natural Citrus fragrance will no doubt be appreciated by anyone who receives this solid cleaning kit.

How to use the product

Our solid detergents are incredibly easy to use. 

Just rub the Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser on the surface to be cleaned to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser can also be used by rubbing it on a damp sponge or cloth. A good rinse with hot water, and the grease vanishes!

Our Sweet Orange Solid Dishwashing Soap, in its 80 g format, effectively cleans dishes without leaving harmful residues. Just wipe a wet sponge or washing-up brush directly on the Solid Dishwashing Soap. And wash your dishes as usual, then rinse with hot water.

To make both solid detergents last longer, the perfect accessory to add to the kit is our compostable PLA Bar Biodegradable Holder, where you can leave them to dry, far from splashes and puddles of water. 

The practicality of these solid formats also makes them perfect for trips in a camper, camping or to a holiday home. No more worries about liquids leaking during transport!

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