Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser

The Solara Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser from Officina Naturae is the ultimate eco-friendly solution to fight stubborn dirt in the kitchen and throughout the home. Made with natural ingredients and formulated to be truly effective, this degreaser is an essential ally in your battle against grease and dirt. It offers extraordinary results, while respecting the environment and your health.


80 g

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Join us in the fight against stubborn dirt and plastic, and discover how easy it is to clean in an effective, eco-friendly way with the Solara Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser from Officina Naturae. This product is the solution to all your cleaning needs, guaranteeing a cleaner, healthier environment while reducing plastic waste and pollution.

We have decided to make an eco-friendly choice right from the packaging: the box that contains our Multi-Surface Degreaser is made from eco-friendly card, completely plastic-free and 100% recyclable, helping to reduce waste. 

Furthermore, our product contains high-quality, organically farmed ingredients. Every time you choose our Degreaser, you are supporting sustainable agricultural practices and friends of the environment.

Our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser is the ideal choice for eco-friendly, powerful cleaning all over the home. Satisfy your cleaning needs without compromising your environmental sustainability. Try it today and make your home cleaner and greener!

Some more information:

The key to the efficacy of our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser lies in its high-quality natural ingredients, selected with care to guarantee powerful but safe cleaning that respects the environment, suitable for a variety of surfaces and fabrics. With our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser, you can trust the cleanliness of your home without compromising your health or the environment.

An important, exceptional characteristic of our Solid Degreaser is its very high concentration. This means that you only need a small amount of product for surprising results. This not only helps you save money, but also helps you to reduce your overall use of cleaning products, therefore making your cleaning more sustainable.

When you use our Degreaser, you also reduce your water consumption - both what is normally contained in a liquid product, and the water needed to clean correctly.

For your safety, our Solid Multi-Purpose Degreaser has been tested for Nickel, reducing the risk of skin allergies. 

Finally, our Solid Multi-Surface Degreaser is completely vegan, guaranteeing a choice that respects animals.

How to use the product

Whether you need to degrease kitchenware, stoves, ovens, extractor hoods, worktops, windows, shutters or mechanical parts, our Degreaser is the product for you. Just rub it on the required surface, leave it to act for a moment, and then wash as usual. 

It is also an excellent pre-treatment for grease stains on fabrics: wet it slightly and rub it on the stain, then wash the fabric within a few minutes as normal.

For ovens, stainless steel or induction hobs and mechanical parts, here are some detailed instructions for you...

- Ovens: slightly wet the product and rub it on the walls and glass door of the oven while it is lukewarm. Wait a few minutes and then rinse with a sponge. Avoid excessive lather.

- Stainless steel and induction hobs: slightly wet the product and rub it with a sponge, clean the cooking surface and then rinse. Always avoid creating too much lather.

- Mechanical parts: slightly wet the product and rub it with a sponge or an old toothbrush. Clean the required part and then rinse.

You will find our Solid Degreaser in our Plastic-Free Home Kit, along with a mini version of our Sweet Orange Solid Dishwashing Soap. Both are well worth trying or giving as a gift for an unusual, plastic-free present! 

Active principles

- Sodium Coco-Sulfate: a surfactant derived from Coconut oil, known for its capacity to degrease and remove dirt effectively, guaranteeing a deep clean.

- Corn Starch: provides a gentle abrasive effect that helps to remove stubborn dirt without scratching surfaces.

- Organic Coconut oil: rich in nourishing properties, it protects and hydrates your hands during use.


Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Zea Mays Starch, Sodium Cocoate, Function: Tensioattivo anionico,
Advantages: Sapone di origine vegetale da cocco. Completamente e velocemente biodegradabile
Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Glycerin, Function: Ammorbidente, emolliente, antiridepositante
Advantages: Vegetale. Perfettamente ecocompatibile. Completamente e velocemente biodegradabile
Potassium Cocoate, Function: Tensioattivo anionico, abbatte la schiuma
Advantages: Sapone di origine vegetale da cocco. Completamente e velocemente biodegradabile
Aqua, Sodium Gluconate, Parfum, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Limonene. Advantages: Componente presente nell’Olio Essenziale di Limone

*from organic farming

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