Cream Body Kit

The Limited Edition Cream Body Kit will immerse you in a unique skincare experience. Give all your days a different fragrance and take care of your skin naturally with love. This kit is the perfect gift for those who love skincare products with natural ingredients and want to pamper themselves with a selection of extraordinary creams. Don't miss the opportunity to have this unique sensory experience.

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  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Our Limited Edition Cream Body Kit is the perfect choice for those who love taking care of their skin with natural ingredients and want to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory experience. This exceptional set of three body creams, contained in an elegant decorated box made from recyclable cardboard, is an ideal gift for pampering yourself or surprising a loved one. Find out what the Kit contains:

*The three creams are also sold separately

Change the fragrance with your mood: a unique feature of this kit is the possibility to change perfume according to your mood. Use our Hug Body Cream when you need wellbeing, switch to our Caress Body Cream for a feeling of comfort and warmth, or apply our Smile Body Cream for a touch of freshness.

Try (or give as a gift) all the natural body creams in this unique kit now, as they are only available for a short time!

Some more information:

The three creams are rich in ingredients that help to nourish, protect and keep your skin elastic, such as Coconut oil and Shea butter. Meanwhile, Pomegranate and Green Tea extracts slow down the signs of aging in the skin, while Cotton extract helps it to stay hydrated.

The luxurious Hug Body Cream has a delicate Verbena fragrance that wraps your skin in an embrace of lightness and wellbeing. 

Meanwhile, the Caress Body Cream sweetly caresses your body with a Vanilla fragrance.

Finally, the Smile Body Cream is a real treat for your skin. Its marine breeze fragrance will give you energy and vitality with every use.

How to use the product

Here is the perfect ritual to finish off a skincare routine that smells of nature: 

after a shower or bath, gently dry your skin with a towel; apply a small amount of cream to dry skin; gently massage with circular motions until it is completely absorbed; repeat the application every time you need a dose of hydration and a new fragrance.

Remember that these body creams are formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals, to guarantee safe, indulgent bodycare. 

For a complete bodycare routine, combine your cream kit with a set containing solid body wash and a shower glove, such as our Body Kit, for fully natural, sustainable cleansing.

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