Body Kit

The CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics Body Kit - Limited Edition is the ideal gift for those who want to take care of themselves sustainably, and feel refreshed every morning. Take advantage of this opportunity to give yourself or someone special the luxury of well-cared-for skin and a clean conscience.

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


If you are looking for a gift for someone who follows a plastic-free, zero waste lifestyle, here it is: our CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics Body Kit is just what you need, and in a limited edition! This exceptional gift set contains two of the most-loved products in our CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics line: 

Why is choosing the Body Kit the best thing you can give for a plastic-free gift? 

You will help to reduce plastic waste in your beauty routine with eco-friendly products. Furthermore, in our CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics line, we commit to using organic, sustainable ingredients for the wellbeing of your skin and the environment. Both the body wash and the shower glove are proudly made in Italy with skilled craftsmanship.

Finally, this kit is the perfect gift for those looking for a green, eco-friendly, practical beauty routine. Every shower will be a moment of wellbeing, respect for the environment and love for your skin. 

The kit is packed in an elegant decorated box made from recyclable cardboard, making it a sophisticated, eco-friendly gift for yourself or whoever you want to surprise.

Choose sustainability without sacrificing quality, with CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics, but watch out, because this limited edition is only available for a short time - make sure you get it before it runs out!

Some more information:

Our Revitalizing Solid Body Wash from CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics is a revolutionary product that will transform your bath or shower routine into an enjoyable, sustainable experience. It is formulated with high-quality organic, natural ingredients, including Black Tea and Willow extracts, which gently cleanse your skin, refreshing it and protecting it from oxidation. Its fresh, revitalizing fragrance will immerse you in a cloud of wellbeing, leaving your skin hydrated and silky.

Our CO.SO. Natural Hemp Shower Glove is the ideal companion to our solid body wash, especially when it has reduced in size or broken into smaller pieces. Made in Italy from delicate, high-quality hemp cloth, this shower glove is designed to stimulate bloodflow and improve the efficacy of our solid cleanser. It is a long-lasting, eco-friendly choice, as it is washable and reusable, helping to reduce plastic waste and support the environment.

How to use the product

The practicality of our solid bodywash and shower glove will make your bodycare routine quick and efficient: the solid body wash, rubbed directly onto wet skin or onto a sponge, creates a soft, pleasant lather that exudes vitality. 

When the body wash wears down and only some small pieces are left, which are difficult to rub with your hands, you can use the shower glove, putting the pieces inside and using them until they are completely finished. When you wet the glove like a sponge, it doesn't only produce lather, but also stimulates microcirculation and revitalizes tissue when rubbed on your skin.

After use, just hang up the body wash or the glove to dry. When the solid body wash is dry, it can be returned to its Aluminium CO.SO. Travel Tin and taken anywhere.

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