Swollen Sails Kit

Start the day in the best possible way with the A Gonfie Vele Kit: a nice shower with the solid shampoo shower, without neglecting your face and beard! Two natural and ecological products enclosed in a clutch made from recycled sail! You are now in place, ready to go ... with full sail!

  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


To get off to a good start in the morning, you need a nice shower that tones and invigorates, but also a thorough cleansing of the face and hair, so that you can feel good throughout the day! But then is your conscience okay with the environment? It is, if you use solid cosmetics from the CO.SO. Men’s Collection, like those in the A Gonfie Vele Kit, consisting of:

In practice, in a beautiful and practical pouch made from recycled racing sails, you will find two solids that replace four products and that eliminate the inconvenient plastic bottles of liquid detergents (up to two bottles of 150 ml per product). A nice practicality for you who love sports, travel or are minimalist in everything... and a nice saving of plastic that no longer ends up in the sea, in the form of microplastic, if not disposed of well. The packaging, in fact, is entirely recyclable, in paper and aluminum, like all the conscious and plastic free cosmetics of the CO.SO line.

Some more information:

The shower shampoo invigorates the body thanks to the organic extracts of Blackberry and Black Currant, rich in antioxidant and anti-free radical active ingredients, which protect the skin against the fragility of capillaries and aging. Its pH is similar to that of skin and hair: this means that you will not feel dry skin pulling and your hair will remain soft and easy to comb.
The cleanser for face and beard cleans thoroughly, eliminating the unpleasant odor that sometimes takes the beard due to various factors thanks to the Bitter Orange extract. It removes the sensation of itching, because Mango Butter and organic Red Grape extract leave the beard soft and the skin hydrated. While Charcoal and Indigo prevent yellowing of the beard.

The purse, made with scraps of sailcloth from racing boats, is completely handcrafted and hand-sewn in Italy, in a small Rimini workshop. Kevlar, Spectra or carbon fabrics were used, intended for disposal, so it has a high thermal and mechanical resistance and is also sustainable in the lanyard and label.

How to use the product

Both products are suitable for frequent use. When you are in the shower you can use the solid directly to create the foam on the body and hair or in the hands. Finally hang the solid to dry completely before putting it away. Then move on to the face: gently and carefully massage the cleanser onto the face and beard with your hands wet with warm water, until a soft foam is created. Then, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and dry your face.
To dry the beard and face cleanser well, place it on our Compostable Soap Holder made of PLA with 3D printing.

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