Jibe Pochette in recycled sail

The Recycled Vela Clutches are handcrafted, handcrafted in a small workshop in Rimini. Therefore, our clutch was born in Italy, made using racing sails destined for disposal. Each handcrafted clutch bag is different from the others in colors and finishes, according to the different cuts of the sails.
Take it with you: on the go, as a beauty case for your solid cosmetics! In this way, you will support a recovery work and avoid the disposal of very high quality fabrics! The clutches are original and green. Help support the recovery!

  • Hand Made
  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Why did we choose to have the clutches produced in recycled sail?
We wanted to create something unique, original but that would help protect the environment.
Do you know that every racing boat changes its sails once a year? Do you know what sails are made of and how they are disposed of at the end of their life? Not everyone knows these topics but our proximity to the sea has given us the opportunity to reflect on them. It seemed absurd to us that highly technological materials such as those of which the sails are made, end up being disposed of among the industrial waste of the nautical sector. This is why we decided to support a small Rimini workshop that recovers them to create a unique clutch bag: the Recycled Vela Clutch Bag! And we called it Pochette Stramba.
We thought of a men's clutch bag as the ideal accessory for men's solid cosmetics from the CO.SO.line, but it can be used to contain any other product.
Each handcrafted clutch bag is different from the others, in terms of color or geometry of the finishes, because it derives from the sewing of different cuts of fabric. With great attention to detail, it is designed to withstand heat and humidity and allow you to use it on any occasion, at home, in the office, in the gym or on the go.
The result of this process is an object that follows the same principles that dictate the design and manufacture of our conscious products: recover waste, avoid disposal, to obtain a handcrafted accessory of the highest quality and with a perfectly sustainable soul!

Some more information:

The canvas of which our handcrafted clutch bag is made can be in Kevlar or Spectra or carbon, which are types of synthetic fibers, made with technopolymers with very high mechanical and thermal resistance. These characteristics are indispensable for the sails of the “Swan”, the typical boats that run regattas. Each of these boats changes sails every year, which means that around 150 m2 of sail, for each boat, every year is destined to become waste. A huge waste that involves a very high disposal cost, to be added to the equally high production cost of the starting materials.
Thinking about these numbers, we decided to start recovering the first 132 m2 of sail, (from a mainsail and a jib), to make our first Weird Recycled Vela Clutches.
The lanyard is also obtained from the Kevlar ropes of the boats: they are scraps that the riggers (rope operators) cut to optimize the length and weight of the ropes.
The eyelet is made of stainless steel, to resist humidity.
All the Stramba artisanal pochette is entirely sewn in Italy, in a small Rimini workshop, with absolutely artisanal techniques.

How to use the product

You can use the Jibe Recycled Sail Clutch Bag in all conditions: at the beach, in the mountains, at the campsite, in the gym or to keep in the bathroom at home, or in the office drawer, with your favorite products for body care and hair. It will not fear humidity because it is moderately waterproof and will not be damaged in the sun because the fibers are extremely resistant.
Use the men's clutch bag to keep, for example, your shaving products such as solid shaving soap or the Artisan Shaving Brush that you don't know where to store after use.
It will always come in handy for any other use!

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