You Go Great Gift Box

To go "great", you must always be up to date: today the personal hygiene routine is solid! The shaving of your beard and the cleansing of body and hair, passes through our plastic free cosmetics, not soaps but real cosmetics, with a pH that respects the balance of skin and hair. Give or give yourself a gift in step with the times!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • Cosmos Natural
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Use solid cosmetics for your personal hygiene, such as those of the CO.SO. Men's Collection, is not going back to the past but being "on the spot": personal hygiene, which makes use of innovative formulas and is, at the same time, sustainable, because it avoids waste, is very up-to-date and allows you to face every day "at great". This is the principle with which we created the Vai Alla Grande Gift Box, a beautiful gift box that includes:

It is a marvel to give, the elegant green gift box with gold print, like all the paper boxes of the line! It has two solid products that replace the traditional ones in a plastic bottle or can: each product is equivalent to two bottles of 150 ml! In addition, the solid consistency of allows you to use the products outside the home and put them in the gym bag or in the hand luggage for air travel. Furthermore, the shaving soap is contained in an aluminum box that acts as a bowl. Aluminum and FSC paper, in fact, are the 100% recyclable materials of the packaging of these products, designed for a lifestyle completely free from plastic.

Some more information:

The organic extracts of Blackberry and Black Currant contained in the Shower Shampoo perform an activity that counteracts skin aging, thus restoring vigor to the whole body. So, let's get off to a great start! The hair also benefits and remains soft and easy to comb, since the pH of the solid respects the scalp and the structure of the hair, closing the scales.

The ingredients of the beard soap are 100% natural: the most interesting is Mango butter, moisturizing and emollient, great for shaving! To soothe any post-shave irritation, there is also organic Oat extract.
Both products have a scent of completely natural origin.

How to use the product

In the shower, to create the foam, just rub the solid between your hands, or directly on the skin and hair. It is important to let the shampoo shower dry well, keeping it hanging on the soft hemp cord, which it is provided with.
A "great" day is certainly also one with a clean-shaven and smooth face, which is obtained with soap like this: wetting the shaving brush, removing excess water and rubbing in a circular way on the soap, without exaggerating, to create a little foam to apply on the face; or by wetting the soap and passing it directly on the beard, always without exceeding, then the brush to lather.
Shaving is perfect if you combine the products in this box with the handcrafted Shaving Brush, with olive tree handle and soft bristles that respect animals.

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