onYOU Cotton Clutch

If you don't know where to put your beauty products and accessories or you don't know where you put your self-esteem, then the onYOU Fabric Clutch is perfect in both cases. In 100% natural cotton, sewn and printed in Italy, it is roomy, resistant and practical to take anywhere, so, with its message, you will always have with you a reason to shine every day! Also beautiful as a gift idea, alone or as a container for a product kit!

  • bio_sostenibile
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


Ever heard of "pochette"? Not the men's clutch, which is none other than the pocket handkerchief. Instead, it is a small bag to take wherever you want or to put in your travel luggage. There are all types and for all tastes but the trendiest for us is the Fabric Clutch from the onYOU Officina Naturae line! Our fabric clutch was designed for you, who want a light, practical, durable and cheerful accessory for everyday use.
Among the custom fabric clutches, it is perhaps the prettiest, because on one side a message is printed for you, which gives you the right energy to “shine” every day! This is why our fabric clutch bag can become a gift in itself or a container to enclose a set of products to give as gifts, such as, for example, the products of Officina Naturae.

Some more information:

What is our onYOU Pochette made of? It is a clutch bag in 100% cotton canvas fabric, ecological and natural. On one side the canvas is characterized by a fuchsia print with our brand, nice decorations and a phrase that is a source of inspiration.
Our fabric pouch with zipper, in the same color as the decorations, is sewn and printed in Italy: we are committed, as always, to choose an Italian manufacture, to guarantee quality and sustainability at the same time for you who deserve a brighter future.
With the size of 22 x 14 cm, it is roomy and perfect for holding all your favorite cosmetics or accessories!

How to use the product

What to put in a clutch bag like ours? Our canvas pouch lends itself to many uses: make-up pouch, women's pouch to hold beauty accessories (such as our Wooden Comb on YOU) or fabric bag for hygiene products . In short, it is appropriate to say ... the more you have, the more!
But when is the clutch bag used? Every day, as a beauty case in the room or in the bathroom, when you work or study to keep stationery, when you go out of the house, go to the gym or go on a trip or in your backpack for your excursions ... there is no limit to its use ! Always carry it with you, so you will remember to... shine, wherever you are!

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