Hair Kit

In the world of Officina Naturae haircare, beauty is intertwined with sustainability. This is why our Hair Kit is the perfect solution for those who want healthy, shiny hair but also want to make a difference for the environment. With our strengthening and brightening solid shampoo and conditioner, we offer a new perspective on haircare, with plastic-free products and high-quality formulas.

  • Plastic-Free
  • Hand Made
  • Zero Waste
  • bio_sostenibile
  • Nickel Tested
  • vegan
  • Made In Italy


With the Limited Edition Hair Kit from Officina Naturae's CO.SO. line, your haircare routine will be transformed into a gesture of sustainable beauty. This eco-friendly duo embraces the plastic-free revolution and gives you stronger, shinier, more beautiful hair, without sacrificing love for the planet. These are the products it contains: 

What advantages do you get with the Strengthening and Brightening version of our well-loved solid shampoo? First of all, sustainability: it is completely plastic-free, drastically reducing its environmental impact. Thanks to its formula enriched with natural extracts, it reinforces your hair, making it stronger and shinier. Its solid format makes it easy to distribute evenly, preventing any waste of product

At the same time, its accompanying conditioner, also solid and plastic-free, helps to preserve our planet. It offers deep hydration and gives your hair shine without weighing it down. Like its partner shampoo, it is compact and ideal for travel, as it reduces the need for bulky bottles.

Some more information:

What strengthening and brightening properties do the shampoo and conditioner have in common? First of all, organic Birch and Chestnut extracts, specifically to repair tired, damaged hair, restoring its vitality. 

If you are worried that these are just normal bars of soap, you will soon realise that it is quite the opposite. Our CO.SO. solid cosmetics have a formula developed to perform like a traditional shampoo: they have a pH lower than 7, which is more suitable for hair than the alkaline pH of a standard soap. This is why the result will be glossy, detangled hair. The conditioner will surprise you! 

The small imperfections and irregular shape are because the products are handcrafted. The variation in colour is also proof of the use of only plant-based colouring agents, providing a guarantee for those using them, and for the environment!

How to use the product

It will surprise anyone who receives these products as a gift or tries them for the first time how easy they are to use! 

Just wet your hair and gently rub the solid shampoo in your hands until you get a creamy lather. Massage the foam into wet hair, then rinse thoroughly.

After the shampoo, rub the solid conditioner over your wet hair, concentrating on the tips. Leave to work for a few moments, then rinse thoroughly.

We recommend hanging up both the shampoo and conditioner from their strings, so they can completely dry. Only then can they be stored in a sealed box, such as our Aluminium CO.SO. Travel Tin, which can be reused countless times, and is even recyclable!  

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